Thursday, 1 May 2014

Philadelphia Catering Companies Pushing the Envelope of Innovation!


Philadelphia Catering and Event Planning is challenging and exciting because Philadelphians are suave, sophisticated, upbeat, current, interesting people in general, which makes for a ripe setting for trend setting partiers! Philadelphians work hard and play harder! This attitude of living life to extremes has been going on in Philly and the surrounding Delaware Valley since before our country’s official birthday, July 4th 1776 and Ben Franklin’s celebrated times. Is it any wonder that today’s Philadelphia locals view themselves as having a reputation to uphold!

“The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves.” - William Penn, founder of the Province of Pennsylvania!
“Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.” - Benjamin Franklin, a Founding Father of the United States and a true Philadelphian spirit!
“Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.” - Walt Whitman, America’s Poet!
When Philadelphians invite guests to come from all over the country and the far reaches of the world, we want them to leave Philly knowing they have been somewhere significant and have mingled and spent time with special people who enjoy life. We want to instil in them the longing to come back, visit us again and possibly move here!
As celebration hosts and hostesses Philadelphian party throwers are understandingly demanding of our Philly Event Suppliers, Party Venues, Event Coordinators and Vendors. Philadelphia Caterers, Philadelphia Banquet Halls, Philadelphia Event Planners, Philly’s Photographers and Videographers even Philly Florists and Philly Cake Makers are all assumed to know they are expected to bring something special to every mixer, gathering, Philadelphia celebration or event.
Catering for Philadelphia’s elite requires extra discipline, professionalism, tact plus a feel and flair for the cutting edge! Remember, Philadelphia communities are suave, sophisticated and diverse! There are 101 colleges and universities in the Philadelphia Area and over 100 Fortune Five Hundred Companies have their base within a 200 mile radius of Philly. This makes for very interesting communities, satellite neighborhoods and happenings throughout the region!
Philadelphia Caterers and Event Planners must be imaginative, innovative, playful, classy and bring the BLING to make an impression in the City of Brotherly Love. Philadelphia Weddings are chic, controversial and anything but ordinary! Catering menus are eclectic! The food and beverages range from traditional to eccentric and Philadelphia is used to top shelf entertainment. Most importantly, everything must be coordinated to match the intensity of the Philadelphia function, its hosts’ personalities and the dynamic ambiance of the guests as well as specific persons and or situation being honored!
Philly and Philadelphians do not throw shindigs haphazardly! Philadelphia Events and their itineraries are planned for maximum impact! Perhaps Philadelphia’s commitment to making outsiders feel comfortable here as well as have a good time is one of the big reasons Philadelphia is the 13th most internationally visited city in the nation. US Airways Magazine listed Philadelphia #1 on their List of the 15 Best Cities for Getting That Holiday Spirit!
If your Philadelphia event industry business; catering, music, entertainment, promotion or marketing company is not on board with this going overboard with the WOW philosophy, you will never totally tap into the enormous commerce opportunity that is available in servicing parties, events and celebrations in the City of Philadelphia!

“When it comes to hosting successful Philly events the most important thing is that you host or hostess the festivities with attitude!” – Stu Leventhal (Philadelphia Restaurant Consultant)


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