Philadelphia corporate catering and events involve; trade shows, shareholders meetings, industry gatherings and discussion expos, new product launches, award ceremonies, holiday celebrations, educational seminars, press conferences, charity functions, executive retreats, team motivational meetings and the list goes on and on.

When throwing corporate events in Philadelphia especially, the rule is, go all out! Throw caution to the wind! Do it up right! A memorable exciting corporate event is worth every penny of your company’s investment. A boring event is corporate money thrown away! Opportunity wasted! Or, worse, negative brand publicity both internally among your own company’s employees as well as negative externally in the market place. When your brand’s image is at stake you cannot afford to skimp!

Boring events send the message that your company is boring! Exciting events entice people to want to come to work for your company. Exciting events make customer prospects want to learn more about your products and services. Exciting events convince others to want to partner up and align themselves with your brand!

Never cut corners at the expense of your guests’ enjoyment or comfort. Always error on the side of being over extraordinaire! The biggest mistake Philadelphia corporations make when planning their corporate events is to nickel and dime their suppliers and party services. If you want the best, sometimes you have to pay for it! When your company’s reputation is at stake, never settle for being second or third best!

The success of a corporate event is never judged by how much money the event planner saved the company this year. A successful business event is thrown for a precise reason; wowing clients! Introducing the new product line! Honoring special achievements, achievers or milestones! Why would you want to skimp or hold back on that type of celebration? Remember catered corporate events are gatherings of VIP’s, your very important people! Your guests are your customers, clients, prospects, investors, employees…all the folks your company relies on for doing business. You do not just want to look good, you want to look great!

Your catered parties, celebrations and gatherings make a statement about what you and your company stand for, what you hold dear, as well as feel is important. These guests can make or break your company! So, always roll out the red carpet for them! Treat them right, like they are royalty for a few hours and they will pay you back with orders, word of mouth publicity, referrals and employee loyalty and customer loyalty for years and years to come.

Once you have committed money to throwing a corporate gala; go that extra mile! Put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Whatever would impress you will impress them. The difference between hiring the best caterer and an average caterer is negligible. So is the difference between having a great dance band and just any band. If you hire a guest speaker, hire an icon, someone worth listening to! If your message is, “Look at us we are the very best in our industry!” Then act the part! A corporate event is when you show off!

Keep in mind at some point your competitors are going to be trying to woo your same guest list. Do not give your competition a foot in your door by hosting a boring, dull event. While you have your guests’ undivided attention, impress them and leverage this unique opportunity to cement your relationships!

No amount of witty advertising by your competitors will ever beat a well-planned corporate event for networking and building solid professional business bonds. When done correctly, a corporate catered event can elevate your company or firm to that of elite industry status immediately. Well perceived corporate events can help you lure the best employees to come work for you! You can impress new clients and reaffirm old customer relationships and build loyalties. Corporate catered events are great places to clinch sales, close and seal deals and get the big contracts signed!

Dollar for dollar, corporate catered events have one of the highest ROI, return on investment of any marketing and promotional method. Planned and executed properly, it is easy to take advantage of tons of free media publicity but you must go for the WOW effect!


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