Wedding season in Philadelphia officially starts in May! And, June is traditionally the busiest wedding month in the City of Brotherly Love. If statistics stay true to form, more couples are going to tie the knot in Philadelphia during these coming few summer months than during the whole rest of the year combined. A wedding is a wedding is a wedding; but your wedding is your special day and you want your wedding to stand out and be fondly remembered for years to come! That requires planning!...And MORE PLANNING!

A Philadelphia Wedding is expected to have flair and personality while also representing your bond and the serious commitment you are making to your new partner in life. You two are taking a big step, giving up the single lifestyle and replacing it with a serious partnership. You are choosing to share this step with your friends, family, neighbors and associates by throwing a huge celebration! You wish to show off how happy you are and you wish everyone to share in your excitement. Let us make no bones about it; Planning a wedding is no walk in the park! To be sure your special day doesn’t turn out to be one of those boring, dragged out weddings we all dread takes pre-thought and proper orchestration! Luckily PHILADELPHIA CATERING BLOG has your back with some fantastic wedding planning advice!...

Here are ten important tips compiled by Philadelphia’s Wedding Catering Experts of the Philadelphia area for throwing an enjoyable, meaningful and successful wedding, Philly Style!

1.      First and foremost, always remember your wedding is a party! No matter how elegant and sophisticated you make the proceedings the ultimate success will be gaged by whether your guests have fun not by whether you serve lobster and caviar. So, circulate, mingle, smile, laugh and make everyone feel welcome and important!

2.      The idea is not to try to impress your guests at every turn but to create a meal and an itinerary that progresses naturally comfortably and logically from step to step and course to course. The food and beverages should match the festivities, the ambiance of your wedding hall, the type of music and your guest mix. Everything should work together to put people at ease so they can let loose!

3.      Weddings are a gathering assortment of many people types, ages, religions and cultures. Therefore your activities and the structure of your wedding must be multifaceted so there is something for everyone. The main stages of the party must appeal to everyone, never favoring any one group for long. Like wise your menu must include meal courses that everyone finds appetizing. Kids, adults, grandparents, neighbors and guests flying in from far away; all must be satisfied! There are bound to be a few food allergy guests so it is not wise to serve dishes that are hard to tell at a glance what the ingredients are. Plus, always plan a few vegetarian options! 

4.      Make sure your wedding rooms are large enough for your crowds but not too large that people don’t mingle. You want people to have enough room to be comfortable but not too much empty space that they do not mix, play and bond. A safe rule is you need to allow for at least 25 square feet for every guest but not much more than 30-33 feet.

5.      Need to save money? Consider booking your Wedding for a Friday or Sunday and you should be able to save 20-30 percent compared to a Saturday ‘prime time’ wedding. But be sure to check that there is not a convention in town on your weekend that could bump the price of hotel rooms up and make it difficult for your traveling guests to book reasonably priced rooms.

6.      First thing is first so, make sure you book your wedding space for your preferred wedding date before you start hiring and signing contracts with bands, florists, caterers and limousine services.   

7.      Get everything vendors say they will do in writing especially any extras you bargain for. It may be a few months before your wedding date arrives and vendors are known to conveniently forget things they promised you months ago to close the deal.

8.      Make sure you book ample time for your vendors to be able to set up and decorate. If possible negotiate access to the party and dining rooms the night before or at least a few hours in advance.

9.      Another way to cut costs is to throw an adult only wedding which will lower your head count considerably. It has become quite acceptable to prohibit single people from being allowed to bring dates. Just make sure to sit singles at single tables and married couples with other married couples, usually around the same age bracket works best.

10.  Remember it is your wedding. You are the stars! Sure you want your guests to be comfortable, happy and enjoy themselves, but you and your new spouse need to soak in the love of some special moments too! Be sure to allow some special time for yourselves as a couple and savor your big day! The most important thing is to lighten up so the two of you can have fun!

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